• Go Rockers!

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    A letter to the Editor, by Patrick Chapin

    I relocated here three years ago with my wife and daughter. I have been welcomed. I have learned.

    I have seen generosity and Southern hospitality like I never expected. I am able to work with an amazing group of people who truly care about our community. It has been a great move.

    With that said, it took me some time to feel like I was not simply visiting.

    Recently I have felt more a part of High Point. Why? One of the biggest reasons is the High Point Rockers. Not the team necessarily, but the place.

    At BB&T Point stadium, I can take off my tie and meet the families of all the great folks I have become acquainted with through work. I have watched my colleague’s children enjoy the play area. I have visited with the husbands and wives of people I spend countless hours with during the work week. I have watched folks simply relax and enjoy themselves.

    I grew up going to the Orlando Twins minor league games with my brothers and dad. I took my ball glove, hoping for a foul ball. I have so many great memories from those balmy Central Florida nights.

    Now, my daughter is thrilled to “go to the game,” but unlike me, she barely watches the game … too busy visiting with her friends from school and meeting new ones!

    While I sip on a beer and eat peanuts, I have some of the best conversations with folks I know I would have never met had it not been for the Rockers. I have been part of a broader, more diverse group than my day to day brings me. It makes me happy.

    There are many wonderful places in High Point, but the experiences and the simple joy I have been able to soak up at the stadium has been special. Relaxing … uncomplicated … meaningful.

    Thank you to those with the political will, the city staff who did the heavy lifting, the leaders, like Dr. Qubein and his “faithful courage,” the businesses who support the team and the philanthropists who generously and modestly give. Many families like mine are enjoying what your commitment and hard work created.

    Many more will be coming to our city, High Point, my home. Go Rockers!