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    High Point and Greensboro have many collaborative partnerships, including CEOs for Cities.

    CEOs for Cities—is a national network  of cross generational, cross-sectional urban leaders that connect through city learning clusters. This platform encourages cities to talk amongst themselves, collaborate and move their city forward, as well as to connect and learn from other leaders, other cities.

    High Point and Greensboro formed a joint city learning cluster in January 2016. Over the past two years this partnership has further connected the two cities and together leaders have visited Indianapolis, Des Moines, Columbus, OH and most recently Greenville, SC—with a planned fall trip to Phoenix—offering a great platform to learn best practices from other cities and return with ideas to improve our communities in areas such as economic development, downtown development, advancing the arts and entrepreneurship, housing improvements, workforce development and more. 

    From the trip to Greenville, we gained great insight that provided valuable perspective in the initial planning of HP365. An elementary school visit in Des Moines showcased a successful program introducing students to the possibility and need for skilled jobs. From that experience, Guilford Apprenticeship Partners (GAP) and Guilford County Schools (GCS) are working to develop similar connections with young students in Guilford County.

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