• 2019 Businesswoman of the Year Award

    Each year, Business High Point - High Point Chamber of Commerce hosts the Women's Business Luncheon to honor local businesswomen and bestow one especially deserving attendee the prestigious Businesswoman of the Year award. The 2019 Women's Business Luncheon is our 18th Annual and is presented by Truliant Federal Credit Union. The award is presented by High Point Medical Center and recognizes a woman in the business community who has demonstrated, and exemplifies excellence, service, involvement and selflessness to her community and profession. Nominations are open Thursday, Aug. 1 - Friday, Aug. 23 at 5PM. Self-nominations are accepted. The recipient is selected by vote of our Executive Committee and is announced publicly for the first time at the Luncheon.
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    This is your opportunity to nominate an outstanding individual in our business community who you believe demonstrates these qualities. As a business professional and leader it is important to recognize her strengths, career dedication and for the important role she plays in crafting a better place for future generations. Nominees should offer personal guidance without hesitation, promote stewardship passionately, strongly encourage and instill leadership potential and over all make a committed difference in the lives of many.
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    Provide 2-3 specific examples of how the nominee has demonstrated support for the advancement and leadership development of business and professional women.
    List special recognitions, projects, and achievements including professional affiliations, directorships, trusteeships and/or other designations.
    Describe local, state, and national level participation, length of service and offices held in civic and service organizations, charitable activities, political pursuits, religious groups, chambers of commerce, merchants associations, etc.
    Nominees may already have been honored for service to their profession, industry or community. They also may have publications to their credit or articles published supporting their service to their profession, industry or community. Please list awards and honors received which support this nomination.
    Discuss briefly any additional factors you feel are important for consideration of your nominee for the Award.
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