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    Established in March 2017, the High Point Political Alliance (H.P.P.A.) is a non-profit, non-partisan political action committee (PAC) for High Point, NC and the surrounding region. H.P.P.A. focuses on issues pertaining to public policy and primarily seeks to endorse pro-business candidates in local, county, school board and state offices in order to further the business interests of High Point, Guilford County and the greater community.

    Key components of its robust platform include strengthening the city’s:

    • Economic growth
    • Tax-base revenue
    • Public schools
    • Infrastructure

    H.P.P.A. is recognized and approved by the North Carolina Division of Elections as a Political Committee. It is governed by a board of directors.

    The President of H.P.P.A. is Brian Gavigan and the Treasurer is Jack Hendrix.

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    Our Involvement 

    Business High Point - Chamber of Commerce cannot and does not endorse political candidates; however, we recognize public policy affects our members and their businesses. 

    Understanding this, we identified the need for a political voice in our community and supported the formation of H.P.P.A. 

    To fulfill our Government Advocacy initiative, we educate our membership on local, state and federal policy.  When necessary, we advocate a pro-business position at these levels of government on behalf of our 800+ members, which collectively represent a diverse business community. When we advocate on behalf of our members, we do so in a way that is clear, principled, and proactive in shaping federal, state and local policy to promote the economic vitality of our community.



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