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    Attention business owners: Have you heard of competitive intelligence? It's a service where I observe your competition to see who they're working with. Once my investigation is complete, I provide you with a list of prospective clients who are using services similar to yours. I will give you their name, address, and how long your competition stayed at their residence. In other words, I help you acquire your competition's clients.

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    business preparing to reopen, convenient storage for extra furnishings and equipment, on-site and off-site storage available


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    Beginning May 1, 2020, for a limited time, FirstNet Subscriber Paid users can get a 50% off service credit for 6 months on a smartphone, tablet, or watch line!

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    To better ensure the safety of your staff and customers as you re-open, consider cleaning AND sanitizing your facility. Regular cleaning is what you typically do to make sure that your office is clean for and presentable to your employees and customers. However, the process of sanitizing an office involves cleaning surfaces that are considered “high-touch”. A professional cleaning company can help you navigate these processes. Contact Office Pride if you have questions or we can assist you in any way.

    Is your office clean AND sanitized - you should know the difference!