• 20% Off Child Custody Investigations

    Offer Valid: 03/11/2021 - 03/11/2022
    Chamber of Commerce members save 20% on investigations related to child custody
    No legal matter is more important than one that could affect your relationship with your child. When parents divorce or separate, much changes, but one thing that must be preserved is the parent-child bond.  When you want to protect your relationship with your child, Aubor Group's private investigators can help you.

    A child custody investigator provides valuable services for parents going through child custody disputes.  Your family law attorney would likely recommend speaking with a child custody investigator to determine what options you have to help your case.  A child custody investigator benefits you by providing an unbiased observation of your child’s well-being when in the care of the other parent. 

    Aubor Group holds its investigators to the highest ethical standards.  We adhere to all applicable laws and regulations to ensure the evidence we obtain is admissible in court.  We also abide by a strict confidentiality agreement to protect your privacy.  With your permission, we will work closely with your attorney to develop a plan tailored to your needs.

    Aubor Group offers child custody investigative services to Chamber of Commerce members (and your referrals) at a reduced rate.  

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