• COVID-19

    Offer Valid: 06/01/2020 - 12/31/2020
    Disinfecting Treatment
    COVID-19: Disinfecting Techniques to Help Control Spread
    As the COVID-19 virus continues to move across the globe it is becoming increasing critical that we all take necessary steps to help mitigate its spread. Part of our response will be to employ all tools and methodologies at our disposal to help protect ourselves, our families, and our coworkers. Touch point disinfecting and fogging disinfection---when utilized properly---can help contain the spread of COVID-19.
    We are offering a program to disinfect your offices and facilities with Touch Point Disinfection and Germ Fogger.  The Benefits of Germ Foggers are:
     Sanitizing Disinfectant Fogger and Concentrate works without rinsing. It disinfects your entire facility's air and surfaces
    • They are an incredibly effective way to eliminate germs and create a healthier environment.
    • They deliver disinfectant to places that might otherwise be missed, overlooked, or out of reach.
    • They require very little effort from the user to generate a great result.
    • They are simple and safe to use.
    • They are cost effective.

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