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    Is your office clean AND sanitized - you should know the difference!
    Yes, there IS a difference between cleaning and sanitizing!

    Regular cleaning is what you typically do to make sure that your office is clean for and presentable to your employees and customers.  Work that is generally done includes cleaning bathrooms, the conference room, the break room, and the lobby area as well as removing trash, vacuuming carpets and mopping floors.

    In contrast, the process of sanitizing an office involves cleaning surfaces that are considered “high-touch”.  These surfaces are typically touched numerous times a day by one or many different individuals.  Examples of “high-touch” areas include bathroom stall handles, door knobs, light switches, keyboards, computer mice and telephones.

    Right now, we’re well beyond seeing that regular cleaning is sufficient.  The COVID-19 pandemic demands that businesses go the extra mile to ensure that all surfaces are clean and safe, especially those surfaces that we take for granted are safe.  For example, when you have meetings in your conference room, someone uses the light switch to turn on the lights, the door knob is used by everyone entering and exiting the room, the keyboard and mouse are used as part of your presentation, you press the buttons on the conference phone to include off-site participants, and the conference table and chair arms are being touched throughout the meeting.  You don’t want to unintentionally end up having a “meeting of contamination”!

    You may ask “How often should I sanitize my office?”.  It depends on a number of factors, including the size of your staff and whether you have customers come in to your office.  Whether you have an office of 5 or 500, DO NOT just sanitize your office ONE TIME and think that your office will remain safe.

    If you have questions, including how to make and keep your facility clean and safe, we are here to help.  Office Pride – it’s our values that make us different.

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