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    City Developments

    1. Library Plaza Project Phase II

    • What is it? A parking lot redesign with architectural flare and trees as well as covered market stalls to accommodate 20 vendors, seating areas with landscaping, an electric car charging station, electric infrastructure to accommodate food trucks and outdoor events and additional teaching gardens.
    • When is it happening?  Construction began in March 2017 and work is broken into three sections: first, the rear parking lot, second, the Farmers Market and Main Street entrance and third, the Elm Street entrance and book drop area.
    • How will it benefit High Point? The project creates gathering spaces for concerts, festivals and City of High Point events, as well as enhancing the Farmers Market area, which provides access to fresh produce and overall improves the aesthetics of the North Main Street area.

    2. Multimodal Vision Plan

    • What is it? A vision plan by the High Point Metropolitan Planning Organization (HPMPO) for improvements around the Southern Railway Depot, High Point Transportation System Bus Station and downtown High Point. The plan will include recommendations for bicycle and pedestrian improvements, greenways, trailheads, redevelopment opportunities and public art.
    • When is it happening? Although still in the early stages, the HPMPO hosted a public workshop at the High Point Southern Railway Depot on May 17 for residents to provide input on how they would address the most pressing transportation, economic, health and cultural needs.
    • How will it benefit High Point? In addition to the downtown catalyst project, this plan will help create a more vibrant downtown for High Pointers to enjoy.

    3. Dog Park

    • What is it? A proposed development of a one-acre dog park at Hedgecock Park on W. Parris Avenue. The proposed park would include separate areas for large and small dogs, landscaping features, fencing and benches.
    • When is it happening?  The dedication of $125,000 to the project in the 2017-2018 City budget has been approved by City Council, and City officials will meet with the non-profit group FIDO to discuss how the money will be utilized.
    • How will it benefit High Point? The park will not only provide a safe environment for pets to run free, get exercise and play with other dogs, but is also a socialization opportunity for their owners as well.

    4. New Bus Fleet

    • What is it? The High Point Transit System acquired 14 New Flyer XD35 buses to replace the previous 2004 fleet. The new buses are 35 feet long and 102 inches wide.
    • When is it happening? The new buses began running on April 3, 2017 and replaced 14 of the 17 buses in the Transit System fleet. Of the remaining three, one is still in service and two are spares if needed. Those three are scheduled to be replaced in 2018, 2019 and 2022.
    • How will it benefit High Point? The Transit System operates from 5:45 a.m. until 7:30 p.m. on weekdays, and 8:45 a.m. until 5:15 p.m. on Saturdays. The 13 routes travel throughout downtown but also the Main Street and Eastchester corridors as well as to and from Jamestown.

    5. Main Street Project

    • What is it?  A replacement of century-old infrastructure, including water and sewer lines, in North Main Street from Parkway to Westwood Avenue, as well as aesthetic improvements such as buried utility lines, removal of utility poles, updated crosswalks, new traffic signals and updated lighting.
    • When is it happening? This portion of Main Street was closed to traffic for five and a half months while subterranean utility line work was completed and was reopened on April 12, 2017. The City’s Electric Department as well as Time Warner Cable and North State Communications then began work on running their utilities through buried lines to be able to remove the overhead lines and poles, which will be completed Fall 2017.
    • How will in benefit High Point? As part of the overall downtown revitalization and Library Plaza Project, the Main Street Project will help create a more aesthetically pleasing area that will become a destination for both new and existing businesses as well as the surrounding community for restaurant and retail entertainment. 


    Lexington Avenue Gateway

    In November 2016, Business High Point - Chamber of Commerce presented a $90,000 check to the City of High Point to help fund an environmental and engineering study for the Lexington Avenue Gateway from Main St. to the I-74 exchange. 

    This project is key to several critical objectives for High Point.  First, it will beautify a primary gateway into our city providing a positive first impression.  Second, it will provide for development and investment opportunity in the Five Points area, creating much needed jobs in the Core City.  Third, it will provide better connectivity to assets such as GTCC, Grandover Resort and Conference Center and the Piedmont Triad International Airport among others.  And lastly, it will help alleviate congestion on the Eastchester/ Hwy 68 corridor. As we work to support Forward High Point in optimizing downtown, traffic will flow to and from our Core City must be considered for sustainable growth.

    In May 2016, Business High Point - Chamber of Commerce and the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce presented the Triad Legislative Agenda to state leaders in Raleigh. On the agenda was the Lexington Avenue gateway project. If adopted by the NCDOT for the 2018-2027 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), this project will positively transform Lexington Avenue as a major entrance into High Point as well as provide excellent opportunity for economic growth.

    To be accepted onto the TIP list, a project must first have an engineering and environmental study completed. With the private dollars supplied by Business High Point - Chamber of Commerce, this initial step has been accelerated. 


    Keep High Point Beautiful

    City of High Point Management is leading the initiative to make and keep High Point a beautiful city through semi-annual litter and blight removal. Keep High Point Beautiful is a volunteer-based beautification organization and a chapter of Keep America Beautiful.

    Over the past five years, thousands of volunteers have come together to help remove over 80,000 pounds of trash and 15,000 pounds of recyclables from our roadways, streams, creeks, lake shorelines, parks and Greenway trails. In addition to the removal of litter, volunteers have also planted flowers at local schools and in neighborhoods. Invaluable partnerships with many local businesses, schools, places of worship and civic organizations continue to fuel the mission to gather everyone together to keep our city clean. 

    As a clean city, High Point becomes more desirable as a place to do business, raise a family and spend free time. Business High Point - Chamber of Commerce is proud to support this initiative through participation in the clean-ups as well as by promoting the clean-ups to its members. 

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