Making High Point voices heard.

Small businesses often don’t have the time or resources to promote the legislative agendas that benefit them. That’s why Business High Point-Chamber of Commerce takes a stand for business-first government policies – helping protect our Members' businesses through local interest agendas, legislative advocacy, and standing our ground on the issues most closely affecting our community.

How we support Member-forward government affairs:

Government Affairs Committee

Business High Point-Chamber of Commerce is excited to launch its Government Affairs Committee to advance public policy that best supports the organization’s scope of work and its members as well as the High Point community-at-large. 

Triad Legislative Agenda

The Triad Legislative Agenda (TLA) is a collaborative document between the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce and Business High Point-Chamber of Commerce to advocate for state funding of key initiatives critical to the continued growth of our community.

From advocating the General Assembly to support the High Point Market or the formation of the Lexington Avenue gateway to better connect the two communities, TLA encourages our local representatives in Raleigh to stay informed on important economic and community projects that advance Guilford County.

For more information, contact Brian Norris (, VP-Strategic Initiatives. 

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