• Ribbon Cuttings

    To schedule a ribbon cutting, please read the ribbon cutting guidelines and complete this form. For questions and more information, please email Susan Ormond, Director of Events & Partnerships.



    Ribbon Cutting ceremonies celebrate our members. Ribbon Cuttings are hosted for new members upon joining and existing members to highlight growth. At a Ribbon Cutting ceremony, your company is presented with a membership plaque to proudly display at your business and most importantly, a representative from the business uses our famous giant scissors to cut the red ribbon. Staff & Ambassadors will attend and professional photos of your ceremony will be provided.



    Ribbon Cutting ceremonies are a crucial service we provide to our members because the ceremony results in instant visibility for your business through our social media, website, press releases and e-newsletters. 

    • For New Members, we want to welcome you to the family. 
    • For Existing Members, we want to celebrate your growth. If your company has a new location, a new addition, new ownership, or any other celebration, we will gladly hold a Ribbon Cutting ceremony for your business. 


    Invite the Mayor or a City Council Member

    After you've scheduled your Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, use this link to invite the mayor of High Point and/or members of City Council.



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